Fantasy Football Draft Kits

Fantasy Football Draft Kits
There are several Fantasy Football Draft Kits out there that offer the simplicity of establishing a fantasy football league for you and all of your friends. Technology has taken the game of Fantasy Football from the basements, garages, and bars for live drafts, to online leagues, chat rooms, and mobile devices. Joining a league and building your team has never been easier. Some of the most popular ways to create your own league are listed below.

ESPN FFOne of the early adopters of Fantasy Football is ESPN and has one of the most up to date Fantasy Football Draft Kits out there. This site features numerous ways to set up your league for you and your friends. Customize your team size and scoring format to fit what you are used to, or try something new. There is even an app available to manage your team and stay up to date with injury and scoring prediction news.

Yahoo FFYahoo! is another great Fantasy Football Draft Kits that offers customizable options and also powers the leagues from NBC Sports. From scoring format to roster type and playoff format, there are a lot of great ways to have your leagues best fit your group of players. This site also has a mobile app that lets you change your roster on the fly.