NFL Team News

NFL FFThe Fantasy Football season starts as soon as the offseason does with NFL team news. That means that all trades, free agents, injuries, retirements and coaching changes need to be considered. A Quarterback who may have had a mediocre year last year may have picked up some high value wide receivers and is forecasted for a better season. Similarly, a wide receiver who may have been hampered by injuries last year is coming back healthier than ever. Injuries are going to affect a lot of the season, and at the very least you need to know a couple key players and points about each team in the league.

Fantasy Football isn’t just knowing about and rooting for your favorite team. With so many players on your roster from around the league, EVERY team may¬†become your favorite team depending on who you have on your starting roster for the week. You might have news or updates about a player with a lot of potential that would make him a great fit on your team while someone else in your league¬†just has them sitting on the bench. If you have better information than your opponent, chances are you may be able to offer a trade that works heavily in your favor.